Roxborough Explains in WorkCompCentral Article Why SCIF’s Proposed Protective Order Attempts To Hide Evidence in RICO Case.

Roxborough says “SCIF’s instant motion is nothing but an attempt to hide the evidence, from SCIF’s own ‘pen,’ that SCIF knew everything, years ago, on which SCIF’s RICO claims are now alleged.” Roxborough tells WorkCompCentral he will be able to “get rid of most of State Fund’s case” if the courts deny SCIF’s motion, allowing…

2015 Fraud Fighting Conference on May 14

RPNA’s Nick Roxborough and Michael Adreani will be speaking at The Big 2015 Fraud Fighting Conference on Thursday, May 14. Their session is titled “Carriers, TPS’s, Excess Reinsurance, Brokers, Insured – Who is Your Client?” For more information or to attend, click here.

Roxborough Quoted in WorkCompCentral Article “Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss State Fund RICO Complaint

Roxborough said, “…he is considering filing a motion for summary judgment because the underlying facts of the case haven’t changed. His clients did not commit fraud and State Fund attorneys signed off on settlements…” Roxborough also said, “…there is no relationship between the pharmacy defendants and the surgical defendants.” Read article. [subscription required] Source:

Pomerance Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal article “Valley Bar Leader Judges Need for Mediation”

RPNA launched a class action lawsuit this month against insurance giant American International Group Inc. on behalf of all employers that paid compensation premiums over a 40-year period; Pomerance believes “tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars over time” were under reported.   Read article. Source:

Roxborough Notes Client’s Position in Workers Comp Central Article “Defendants in SCIF RICO Lawsuit Move for Dismissal of Complaint”

Roxborough comments that the dispute between the parties is really about SCIF trying to “undo settlement agreements” that the carrier had entered into with the Drobot businesses… by saying “they got duped”. Roxborough noted that SCIF’s claim will be “hotly disputed” and that he believes that “… this lawsuit is just being done to get…