RPNA Victory Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal Cover Story “Law Firm Wins $89 Million Suit” | San Fernando Valley Business Journal

RPNA, a 13 attorney firm, prevailed over multinational giant ABM Industries, Inc., a $4 billion publically traded corporation. Pomerance states, “ABM’s conduct is the poster child for how California businesses should not behave.” Adreani notes “… to interrupt an illegal break to start another illegal break is illegal.” This case was also featured in a…

Insurance Journal Article “Vicarious Liability Ruling May Impact Education Insureds in California” Features Adreani Insight

The California Supreme Court ruled that a public school district may be vicariously liable for the negligent hiring, retention and supervision of a guidance counselor who allegedly abused a student. Adreani specifies, “…the law won’t apply to every state agency, but only those who have a ‘special relationship’ with the victims.” Read article. Source: www.insurancejournal.com

Workers Comp Executive Article “Hearing on Zurich’s Side Agreements Coming” Features Roxborough Remarks

“Zurich is one of virtually every national carrier who is guilty of failing to play by the rules in California” states Roxborough, who has represented numerous employers in disputes with carriers over these side agreements and has testified before the California Legislature in support of bills to curtail the alleged abuses. Read article. [subscription required]