Pomerance Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal article “Valley Bar Leader Judges Need for Mediation”

RPNA launched a class action lawsuit this month against insurance giant American International Group Inc. on behalf of all employers that paid compensation premiums over a 40-year period; Pomerance believes “tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars over time” were under reported.   Read article. Source: www.sfvbj.com

Roxborough Notes Client’s Position in Workers Comp Central Article “Defendants in SCIF RICO Lawsuit Move for Dismissal of Complaint”

Roxborough comments that the dispute between the parties is really about SCIF trying to “undo settlement agreements” that the carrier had entered into with the Drobot businesses… by saying “they got duped”. Roxborough noted that SCIF’s claim will be “hotly disputed” and that he believes that “… this lawsuit is just being done to get…

Adreani to Give CEB Lecture

Senior partner Michael Adreani will be lecturing on wage and hour laws at a Continuing Education of the Bar seminar in Los Angeles, California on March 22, 2013. For more information on Michael’s practice, please click here.

Workers Comp Central Article “Self-Insurance Group Heads to Mediation Over $28 Million in Assessments” Features Roxborough Perspective

Roxborough notes that the threat of the Self-Insurers’ Security Fund could help provide some motivation to help the member businesses meet their assessments. He comments, “Whether they know it or not, they are jointly and severally liable for everything.” Read article. [subscription required] Source: ww3.workcompcentral.com

San Fernando Valley Business Journal Lead Story “In the Rough” Features RPNA Win Against City of Los Angeles | San Fernando Valley Business Journal

The judge in favor of RPNA client Ready Golf  ruled that City officials have a duty to sign the approved contract. Pomerance comments, “You would think the city, which is broke and underwater, would sign the contract.” He further comments that “…(the City) engaged in revisionist history to get out of the deal.” Read article.…