RPNA Argues For Increased Transparency And Reasonable Guidelines Governing WC Carriers

RPNA’s Nicholas Roxborough recently represented the interests of California employers concerning public commentary held by California Department of Insurance (CDI) officials involving major stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system.

Mr. Roxborough addressed issues regarding large deductible policies, affecting RPNA’s clients, as the CDI moves to finalize new regulations by the end of the year.

Important Employer Takeaways in Serrano v. Aerotek Decision

Not only can staffing agencies take a breath of relief with the recent California appellate decision in Serrano v. Aerotek, but all employers can benefit by the guidance this decision offers as it applies to meal break.

In Serrano, the employee plaintiff sued Aerotek, a global recruiting and staffing agency, and Bay Bread, the worksite employer, for failure to provide lawful meal periods.

RPNA Wins Victory for California QMEs In Settlement Agreement with the California Department of Workers’ Compensation

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 24, 2018—The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) reached settlements in the cases Dr. Howard, et al. v. DIR, DWC, Christine Baker, et al. (collectively “DWC”) and Dr. Botros, et al. v. DWC, agreeing to abandon its interpretation of billing rules which the agency wrongfully imposed starting in 2016 and used to deny doctors reappointment as qualified medical evaluators (QMEs) without due process.

Multiple QMEs in Northern and Southern California were reappointed as a result of these settlements. QMEs are physicians appointed by the state to provide independent medical reviews for disputed workers’ comp claims in California.

RPNA Continues Fight Against Underground Regulations on Behalf of QMEs

For two years, RPNA’s Nick Roxborough has been leading the fight against the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s (DWC) underground rule-making, which is impacting hundreds of QMEs in California. He recently filed an amended complaint with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, adding a new allegation that the DWC used underground rules relating to time spent on medical research as a basis to deny reappointment…

Judge Finds QME Denials Based on Possible Underground Rules

In RPNA’s case (Howard v DIR), LA County Superior Court Judge James Chelfant opined that the Division of Workers’ Compensation relied on unenforceable underground regulations when it denied applications for reappointment from two QMEs and unreasonably delayed hearings when the doctors objected. According to Nick Roxborough, the judge’s decision means the division “can’t continue to…

Zurich and Applied Underwriters…Now Travelers

RPNA continues to fight against unlawful WC side agreements. Nick Roxborough recently finished hearings before a DOI administrative law judge in the case Davidson Hotel v. Travelers. Once again, another carrier is attempting to illegally enforce the terms of its unfiled workers’ compensation side agreements, subjecting employers to out-of-state arbitrations, over collateralization, and overpayment for coverage due to poor claims handling. RPNA…

RPNA’s Fight Against Applied Underwriters Leads As Workers’ Comp Executive’s Top Story

    A leading insurance trade journal, Workers’ Comp Executive, has named RPNA’s Nick Roxborough and his work involving employer battles against insurance carriers—in this instance, Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Applied Underwriters—as the No. 1 story in 2017. Roxborough was identified as one of two attorneys “leading the fight in cases against Applied.” RPNA is proud…

WorkCompCentral Highlights The Question of Jurisdiction and Underground Regulations in RPNA’s QME Suit Against DIR

RPNA’s suit against the Department of Industrial Relations (Howard v DIR) was yesterday’s WorkCompCentral’s top story, and is being followed by the entire California QME community, as well as various governmental entities. Central to this continuing story is the issue of jurisdiction over the case, which is being challenged by Nicholas Roxborough on behalf of a group of former qualified medical evaluators (QMEs) who allege they lost their jobs after the state wrongfully started imposing a new interpretation of billing rules.

CDI Issues Ruling to Fast Track Cases Against Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary Applied Underwriters

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) just issued a ruling that is expected to speed up the resolution of many cases currently against Applied Underwriters. These cases address the same issues that the CDI had ruled on more than a year ago, which left in place the precedential decision in the Shasta Linen case and ended the dispute over the legality of Applied Underwriter’s EquityComp program and its associated unfiled side agreements (RPAs).