Drug Testing in the California Workplace

If you are considering requiring your employees or prospective employees to submit to workplace drug and alcohol testing, you would be well advised to know how far your rights as an employer extend under both federal and California law. Drug testing in California At the state level, the California Constitution guarantees a right to privacy…

Navigating California’s Complex Paid Sick Leave Law

Your new employee starts work on September 1, 2015 (yes, a few months down the road, but let’s just imagine…). On December 1, 2015, they request several days paid sick leave. Your first reaction may be to say “not yet” but under a new law known as the Healthy Families Act of 2014 (which goes into effect July 15, 2015), you will be required to provide paid sick leave to certain California employees who have worked 30 days. In other words, once your employee works 30 days, as an employer, you are required to provide sick time of up to 3 days. Of course, an employer can

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