Workers’ Comp Executive Features Nick Roxborough

Workers’ Comp Executive recently studied the issue of whether or not the Division of Workers’ Compensation is biased against RPNA client Electronic Waveform Labs, maker of the H-Wave electronic stimulation device.

According to the article, the dispute stems from the proposed update of the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule’s chronic pain guidelines and the development of a new section on opioids, where electroanalgesia, or H-wave therapy, is eliminated. The proposed regulations as amended either preclude the use of the device to treat injured workers in California or impose such a burden as to make it impractical for a doctor to recommend its usage.

Nicholas Roxborough Speaks at CWC & Risk Conference

Nicholas Roxborough spoke at the CWC & Risk Conference at the St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel in Dana Point on October 1. More than 1,500 risk management professionals convene to learn from industry experts about cost containment solutions for employers, identify best practices, and network.

The highly interactive session, titled “Employers, Brokers, Attorneys and TPAs–Saving Millions of Dollars With a Winning Team,” will share insights on:

New X-Mod Formulas Approved

New x-mod formulas have been approved and employers should be focusing on limiting the number vs. cost of claims.

Changes are afoot in how experience modifications are going to be calculated. An experience modification or “X-Mod” is a percentage calculated by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (“WCIRB”) based on an employer’s payroll, number of workers’ compensation claims, and the costs of those claims.

An employer with no claims may have a low X-Mod…in the 70 percent range. An employer with several costly claims may see their X-Mod climb above 200 percent, thus becoming uninsurable.