Tips for Dissolving a Business Partnership

Just as forming a business partnership under California law requires completion of certain tasks, ending a partnership is also a process. General partnerships, where there is no specific end date, must be dissolved using three basic steps. These steps apply when partners voluntarily agree to dissolve the partnership. Where partners cannot agree, legal action is typically the best way to resolve disputes over the dissolution process.

Can an Employer Change An Employee’s Job Description At Will?

If you hire an employee for one job, with certain duties, are you, as an employer in California, able to add additional requirements and threaten termination if the employee doesn’t complete these additional requirements?

This is a common situation, particularly when it comes to jobs requiring driver’s licenses. Although some employers initially hire an employee who does not have a license because such a requirement is not in the job description, many employers change the job descriptions to add a licensing requirement and threaten termination if the employee does not obtain a license.